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Curtain Falls for the 17th Asian Games; YST fellows are waiting for the return of CEO
Published : 2014-09-29
The 17th Asian Games had reached climax. After 10 days of competition, China had got a splendid result. Thanks to the players’ efforts, China was the Champions of both Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles, along with the Champions of Women’s Team and Women’s Single. As the Chief Referee, Mr. Li had leaded the teams of Referees, Umpires, Line Judges and all participated officials throughout the 10 days of competitions to ensure a fair play. Their duties is now finished as the curtain falls for the badminton events in the 17th Asian Games.
YST fellows are now looking forward to receiving CEO’s proudly return!

Mr. Li Hoi Wing, CEO of YST

Referee and Line Judges Teams for the Badminton Events

Referee and Umpire Teams for Badminton Events

Mr. Li Enforcing His Duties as the Chief Referee

China won the Women Team’s Gold Medal

Women’s Singles Champion, Wang Yihan

Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei, Mixed Doubles Champion

Lin Dan, Champion of Men’s Singles