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ECO Cleaner 100A
ECO CLEANER 100A is an environmental-friendly cleaner specially for electronic application. This product is a blend of highly-refined aliphatic hydrocarbons, orange terpenes and non-linear alcohols formulated to offer superior performance in stencil/misprint cleaning and defluxing.

ECO CLEANER 100A can not only remove all types of uncured SMD adhesive and unreflowed solder paste from stencils and misprinted assemblies, but also effective in removing many rosin, water-soluble and no-clean solder paste and flux residues as well as acrylic and silicone conformal coatings and tape residue. ECO CLEANER 100A is suitable for use in most IPA-compatible stencil cleaning and batch defluxing equipment.
ECO CLEANER 100A is recommended for hand wipe or immersion applications.
Stencil/ Misprint Assembly Cleaning Miscellaneous
Rosin solder paste
Water-soluble solder paste
No-clean solder paste
Epoxy solder paste
SMD adhesives
Uncured encapsulants
Acrylic conformal coatings
Silicone conformal coatings
Tape residues
Oily contaminants
ECO CLEANER 100A is used at ambient temperature (unheated) and is applied concentrated by hand or immersion. The product can be used in appropriately designed non-aqueous equipment such as modified vapor degreasers, ultrasonic cleaners, IPA batch cleaners and metal dip tanks. After cleaning stencil or misprints, surface can be dried by evaporation or solvent displacement with forced air. No water rinse is required.