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High Flash Point Polyurethane Conformal Coating
PU1030-NF is one-component and fast air-drying conformal coating material based on modified polyurethane resin. PU1030-NF is non-hazardous chemical (GB / T261-2008) which flash point (closed cup) is higher than 61 ℃ ,so it can be stored and transported as non-hazardous chemicals. Any aromatic solvents, such as xylene, toluene is not concluded in the varnish. The cured coating film has a good performance in temperature resistance, humidity-heat tolerance, salt endurance and excellent adhesion. PU1030-NF can be applied in different insulating and anti-corrosion area for PCBA protection.

Type Appearance Content of Solid Viscosity (20 rpm)
/ mPas@25℃
Curing method Touch dry time Through curing
PU1030-NF amber 40% 50-60 Heat curing 5~7 min/80℃ 24h/25℃