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FLY905-CQ-4(M) Solder Paste
FLY905-CQ-4(M) is a mildly activated resin-based formulation designed specifically to allow post-process residues to be left on the PCB without degradation.
This product has a wide process window uncommon to most no-clean solder pastes, which allows it to accommodate a variety of environments and process applications. It also performs well in continuous production, offering good slump resistance, high tack, and low post-process residues. The post soldering residues are compatible with ICT (In Circuit Testing).
FLY905-CQ-4(M) is a solder paste formula that maintains its activity and printing characteristics for up to 8 hours.
Special formulation no-clean solder paste. Small amount of transparent residue. Good spreading.


Type Alloy Composition Powder Size Melting Point Density Lead Halogen
FLY905-CQ-4(M) Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Type 4 217~221 7.4±0.05 g/cm3 Lead-free Halogen-free